Our History

 TIKO is an inter-generational family oriented, faith driven convocation composed of the Black Catholic communities within the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. 

It is a collective venture that represent the Catholic  Episcopal Regions V and VI. This collaboration works in concert with the National Black Catholic Congress and the lnterregional African American Catholic Evangelization Conference. 

The rationale for the collaboration was to utilize the gifts and talents throughout the region to respond to the needs of the Black Catholic community. TIKO evolved from the vision of Mrs. M. Annette Mandley-Turner and Deacon James Turner and others from the Archdiocese of Louisville. In an effort to ensure that the evangelization of the Gospel was effectively being shared with the Black community, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, the Diocese of Louisville established the Louisville Black Catholic Congress.  

After several years, the Office of African American Catholic Ministry in Diocese of Louisville, through the efforts of Mrs. Madley-Turner, invited the four surrounding states to collaborate on this initiative. At that point TIKO became a reality and continues to provide tools which enhances parish ministry and continues to work to develop effective ways to share the Gospel in the Black community.

TIKO is committed to the following goals:

  • To create an environment where Black Catholics can participate in addressing theological and social issues Afrocentric perspective.
  • To implement formation programs and provide leadership in order to respond to the needs of both the Catholic community and the greater Black community. 
  • To the ongoing development and vision to assist Black Catholics embrace their identity as both Catholics and as Black people locally, regionally, and internationally.